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 1. Urquhart Presentation on Bill C-501 to House of Commons Industry Science and Technology Committee Nov. 16, 2010.pdf 38K
 2. Urquhart Consolidated and Updated Report - Bankrutpcy and Employee Claims Jan. 24, 2010.pdf894K
 Bill C-228 The Pension Protection Act.pdf198K
 Canadian Council of Chief Executives Bill C-501 Myths and Reality June 10, 2010.pdf 26K
 Insolvency Institute of Canada - Task Force on Pension Reform May 12, 2010 - Tables.pdf 50K
 Melborne Centre for Financial Studies - Employee entitlements and secured creditors September 2005.pdf153K
 OFL - CLC Pension Summit - Urquhart Presentation 03272010.pdf523K
 PH&N Submission Bill C-501 Cost of Capital.pdf365K
 Three Impact on Cost of Credit Studies Agree with My Independent Research April 28, 2010.pdf303K
 Towers Watson Report Bill C-501 Cost of Capital October 2010.pdf105K
 Urquhart Comparison of Reports on Impact of Priority on Cost of Capital.pdf 86K
 Urquhart Presentation to Industry Minister Tony Clement Roundtable Dec. 10, 2010.pdf 42K
 Urquhart Simplified Illustration of Impact on Cost of Capital for 10 Year Bonds.pdf6.7K
 Watson Wyatt, Cardinal - Corporate pension funding and credit spreads June 2005.pdf2.8M