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 Urquhart Simplified Illustration of Impact on Cost of Capital for 10 Year Bonds.pdf6.7K
 Canadian Council of Chief Executives Bill C-501 Myths and Reality June 10, 2010.pdf 26K
 1. Urquhart Presentation on Bill C-501 to House of Commons Industry Science and Technology Committee Nov. 16, 2010.pdf 38K
 Urquhart Presentation to Industry Minister Tony Clement Roundtable Dec. 10, 2010.pdf 42K
 Insolvency Institute of Canada - Task Force on Pension Reform May 12, 2010 - Tables.pdf 50K
 Urquhart Comparison of Reports on Impact of Priority on Cost of Capital.pdf 86K
 Towers Watson Report Bill C-501 Cost of Capital October 2010.pdf105K
 Melborne Centre for Financial Studies - Employee entitlements and secured creditors September 2005.pdf153K
 Three Impact on Cost of Credit Studies Agree with My Independent Research April 28, 2010.pdf303K
 PH&N Submission Bill C-501 Cost of Capital.pdf365K
 OFL - CLC Pension Summit - Urquhart Presentation 03272010.pdf523K
 2. Urquhart Consolidated and Updated Report - Bankrutpcy and Employee Claims Jan. 24, 2010.pdf894K
 Watson Wyatt, Cardinal - Corporate pension funding and credit spreads June 2005.pdf2.8M