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 Comparison of Canadian and US Mutual Funds Fees, Canadian Administrators Discussion Paper Dec. 13, 2012.pdf 80K
 Global Fund Investor Experience Study, Morningstar June 2015.pdf800K
 Global Fund Investor Experience Study, Morningstar June 2017.pdf1.8M
 Losing Ground - Do Canadian Mutual Funds Produce Fair Value for Their Customers Spring 2007.pdf223K
 Monitoring Trends in Mutual Fund A Canada -U.S. Perspective May 2015.pdf505K
 Mutual Fund Fees As % of Investment Return - Urquhart Analysis October 2017 35K
 Presentation to MPP Garfield Dunlop Seniors Education Day October 19, 2012.pdf181K
 Presentation to NPSCF Annual Convention October 22, 2010.pdf 89K
 Presentation to USCO Annual Convention August 12, 2013 - Fiduciary Duty or Best Interest Standard.pdf 63K
 Toronto Star - Activist raises tough questions on fund fees Sept. 7, 2006.pdf 38K
 Toronto Star - Mutual fund fees readers want details Oct. 28, 2012.pdf112K