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 DI 7. Presentation to Industry Minister Tony Clement Roundtable Dec.10, 2010.pdf 42K
 DI 6. Presentation to the Senate Banking,Trade and Commerce Committee on Bill S-216 , Nov. 18, 2010.pdf130K
 DI 4. 15 Reasons for Self-Insured LTD as Retroactive Eligible Financial Contract With No Pension Changes.pdf243K
 DI 3. Federal Disability Policy Change Nov. 30, 2015.pdf481K
 DI 10. Affidavit of Diane Urquhart April 2013.pdf584K
 DI 5. Report on Misrepresentation Evidence July 2011.pdf619K
 DI 2. Compromise of Long Term Disabled Claims In Bankruptcy Violate The Charter Nov. 8, 2016.pdf632K
 DI 11. Affidavit of Charlotte Urquhart April 2013.pdf704K
 DI 9. Bill 14 Mandatory Disability Insurance in Ontario.pdf727K
 DI 14. Consolidated and Updated Report Bankrutpcy and Employee Claims Nortel Case Jan. 4, 2010.pdf894K
 DI 13. Affidavit of Diane Urquhart Sworn March 1, 2010.pdf1.1M
 DI 8. Bill C-38 Mandatory Disability Insurance at Federal Employers.pdf2.0M
 DI 1. Systemic Failure of Employer Sponsored Disability Insurance Nov. 2011.pdf2.7M
 DI 12. Affidavit of Diane Urquhart Sworn September 26, 2010.pdf 15M