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 $27 M Loan to Nortel from HWT.pdf 61K
 $32 M Employer Contributions Removed from HWT.pdf128K
 Affidavit Charlotte Urquhart 2012.pdf704K
 Affidavit Diane Urquhart 2012.pdf584K
 Affidavit Michael McCorkle Sept. 27, 2010.pdf243K
 Appendix GGG - Valuation of the Obligations of the Health and Welfare Trust as at September 30, 2005.pdf1.2M
 Appendix RR - Debt Due from Sponsoring Company in HWT.pdf 68K
 CV Charlotte Urquhart.pdf 29K
 Communications between Roman Kosarenko and Diane Urquhart Sept. 21, 2010.pdf137K
 Court of Appeal Decision on Holley v. Northern Trust and Royal Trust Oct. 21, 2014.pdf 39K
 FASB Interpretation No. 46R Consolidation of Variable Interest Entities.pdf349K
 FASB Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 43 Compensated Absences.pdf 54K
 FASB Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 106 Post Retirement Benefits Other Than Pensions.pdf627K
 FASB Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 112 Post Employment Benefits.pdf150K
 Jennifer Holley v. Northern Trust and Royal Trust Statement Amended Statement of Claim - Nov. 14, 2013.pdf659K
 Jennifer Holley v. Northern Trust and Royal Trust Statement of Claim Aug. 27, 2012.pdf108K
 Nortel #90002 Appendix for LTD Benefit July 1, 1994.pdf808K
 Nortel 10K - Investments in Employee Benefit Trust in Canada December 31, 2008.pdf2.2M
 Nortel 10K - Nortel HWT Accounting Restatement 2005.pdf243K
 Nortel ASO Agreement with Clarica-Sun Life Jan. 1, 1999.pdf2.7M
 Nortel Benefits Internal Company Manual 1980.PDF9.2M
 Nortel Credit Rating 2002.pdf 26K
 Nortel Credit Rating 2003.pdf 35K
 Nortel Credit Ratings 2001.pdf 26K
 Nortel Credit Ratings 2004.pdf 32K
 Nortel Credit Ratings 2005.pdf 31K
 Nortel Credit Ratings 2006.pdf 30K
 Nortel Credit Ratings 2007.pdf 30K
 Nortel Credit Ratings 2008.pdf 37K
 Nortel Governance Committees.pdf234K
 Nortel HWT 2005 Tax Filing and Trustee not Custodian.pdf116K
 Nortel HWT Annual Employer Contributions - Cash Versus Change in Due from Nortel 2002-2009.pdf 49K
 Nortel HWT Cash Flow Chart.pdf 20K
 Nortel HWT Contributions, Investment Income, Claims and Administration 1982-2009.pdf 47K
 Nortel HWT Due From Nortel 2002-2009.pdf 48K
 Nortel HWT Financial Statement Dec. 31, 2008.pdf781K
 Nortel HWT Financial Statements 1982-2009.pdf6.0M
 Nortel HWT Net Assets V. Nortel Cash 2000-2009.pdf 72K
 Nortel HWT Statement of Net Assets Available for Benefits 1982-2009.pdf 51K
 Nortel HWT Surplus-Deficit 2002-2009.pdf 50K
 Nortel HWT Tax Filings 2005-2009.pdf3.2M
 Nortel HWT Time Line 2002-2011.pdf 26K
 Nortel Internal Controller Signature on HWT FS 2005 and 2006.pdf 21K
 Nortel Long Term Debt, Credit Facilities and EDC Support Facility 2004-2006.pdf 23K
 Nortel Mercers Actuarial Report for LTD and Other Plans 2010.pdf2.0M
 Nortel Networks Corporation 10 K 2001dated March 11, 2002.pdf3.0M
 Nortel Networks Corporation 10 K 2002 dated Dec. 23, 2003.pdf4.9M
 Nortel Networks Corporation 10 K 2003 dated Jan. 11, 2005.pdf8.4M
 Nortel Networks Corporation 10 K 2004 dated May 2, 2005.pdf7.1M
 Nortel Networks Corporation 10 K 2005 dated May 1, 2006.pdf6.3M
 Nortel Networks Corporation 10 K 2006 dated March 16, 2007.pdf6.3M
 Nortel Networks Corporation 10 K 2007 dated Feb. 27, 2008.pdf5.8M
 Nortel Networks Corporation 10 K 2008 dated March 2, 2009.pdf6.1M
 Nortel News Release 2003Q3 Results October 23, 2003.pdf118K
 Nortel News Release Nortel to delay filing of its 2005 Annual Report Until End of April 2006 and restate certain prior period results March 10, 2006.pdf221K
 Nortel News Release President and CEO as well as CFO and Controller, Terminated April 28, 2004.pdf 98K
 Northern Trust - The Role of the Trustee, Northern Trust Website March 21, 2013.pdf 73K
 OPP Anti-Rackets Memorandum from Brian Mason to Paul Beesley April 23, 2012.pdf882K
 OPP Complaint to Office of the Independent Police Review Director Dec. 19, 2012.pdf183K
 OPP Nortel Misappropriation Trust Funds Complaint & List of Exhibits July 30, 2012.pdf1.9M
 Ontario Superior Court of Justice Decision on Holley v. Northern Trust and Royal Trust Feb. 11, 2014.pdf1.2M