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 1993 Benefits in Brief.pdf3.0M
 1994 Canadian Auto Workers Nortel Benefits.pdf2.1M
 1994 Flex Benefits in Brief.pdf1.3M
 2000 Flex Benefits Enrolment Guide.pdf4.8M
 2000 Special Insert For 1999 Participants.pdf1.5M
 2001 Brochure d'avantages sociaux la carte - nouveau scan1.pdf4.7M
 2001 Brochure d'avantages sociaux a la carte.pdf4.7M
 2001 Flex Benefits Annual Enrollment Form.pdf208K
 2002 Brochure d'vantages sociaux a la carte.pdf5.6M
 2002 FLEX Benefits Handbook.pdf269K
 2004 FLEX Benefits Handbook.pdf570K
 2004 Manuel Des Avantages Sociaux A La Carte.pdf666K
 2005 FLEX Benefits Handbook.pdf542K
 2005 Flex Benefits Enrolment Guide.pdf208K
 2005 Guide D'Inscription Au Regime D'avantages Sociaux A La Carte.pdf270K
 2005 Manuel Des Avantages Sociaux A La Carte.pdf1.0M
 2006 FLEX Benefits Handbook.pdf360K
 2006 Flex Benefits Enrolment Guide.pdf234K
 2008 FLEX Benefits Handbook.pdf8.0M
 2008 Flex Benefits Enrolment Guide.pdf4.5M
 2008 Flex Benefits Explore Your Possibilities.pdf3.5M
 2009 FLEX Benefits Handbook.pdf752K
 2009 Flex Benefits Enrollment Guide.pdf2.2M
 2009 New Hire Benefits Information.pdf 93K
 2010 New Hire Benefits Information.pdf 98K
 2011 Nortel Health - Group Benefits Handbook.pdf677K
 2012 Nortel Networks Corporation Great West Life LTD Plan June 9, 2012.pdf 70K
 Affidavit Arlene Borenstein March 2, 2010.pdf406K
 Affidavit Jennifer Holley March 2, 2010.pdf241K
 Affidavit Josee Marin March 2, 2010.pdf2.8M
 Affidavit Joseph Gregory McAvoy Feb. 28, 2010.pdf3.1M
 Affidavit Peter Burns Feb. 28, 2010.pdf2.4M
 Complaint to Autorite des Marches Financiers July 21, 2011.pdf 84K
 Complaint to Ontario Consumer and Business Services Ministry May 30, 2011.pdf 60K
 Consumer Protection Act - Ontario Legislature and Committee Debates.pdf 88K
 Correspondence between ADM Frank Denton and Jackie Bodie Feb 16 - March 1, 2013.pdf400K
 Denise Gelineau Answer from Northern Telecom May 4, 1990.pdf1.1M
 Denise Gelineau Question to Northern Telecom March 21, 1990.pdf432K
 Josee Marin LSUC Complaint on Misrepresentations June 10, 2011.pdf 15K
 LTD Benefits Disclosure & Disclaimer Flex 2005 Handbook.pdf5.7M
 Letter from Assistant Deputy Minister Denton to Sampson August 26 2011.pdf 26K
 Letter from Assistant Deputy Minister Denton to Urquhart - August 31 2011.pdf 18K
 Letter from Denton to Rochon July 18, 2011.pdf140K
 Letter to Assistant Deputy Minister Denton from Urquhart Aug. 27,2011.pdf8.0K
 Letter to DM Ross, ADM Denton, EA Simeon, Director CPB and Director Legal submission of Report on Misrepresentation Evidence July 12, 2011 10-53 AM.pdf 36K
 Letter to Duncan and Gerrestsen August 3, 2011.pdf 21K
 Letter to Duncan and Gerrestsen July 26, 2011.pdf 22K
 Letter to Frank Denton Aug. 16 2011.pdf366K
 Letter to Gerretsen Aug. 30, 2011.pdf 41K
 Letter to MPP Chiarelli complaining about July 12 call from ADM Denton backtracking on legal jurisdiction July 14, 2011.pdf 23K
 Letter to MPP Chiarelli providing notes on July 15 meeting with Ministry staff July 20, 2011.pdf 62K
 Letter to MPP Navqi complaining about July 12 call from ADM Denton backtracking on legal jurisdiction July 14, 2011.pdf 15K
 Letter to Minister Gerretsen, Minister Duncan, Minister Sousa, Parliamentary Asst Brownell RG Legal Opinion Supplied Aug. 16, 2011.pdf 29K
 Letter to Minister Gerretsen, Minister Sousa, Ottawa Center MPP, Ottawa West MPP June 13, 2011.pdf 58K
 Letter to Minister Gerretsen, Minister Sousa, Parliamentary Asst Brownell, MPP Navqi, MPP Chiarelli Report on Misrepesenation Evidence and Denton Call in Afternoon July 12, 2011.pdf 53K
 Letter to Minister Gerretsen, Minister Sousa and Parliamentary Assistant Brownell Request for Second Ministry Meeting June 22, 2011.pdf 84K
 Letter to Minister Gerretsen from Rochon Genova LLP - June 10 2011.pdf149K
 Letter to Minister Sousa from Urquhart Attorney General lawyers misinforming Minister on Restitution Power July 27, 2011.pdf 35K
 Nortel Employee Offer Letter and Acceptance June 8, 1992.pdf210K
 Nortel FLEX benefits confirmation statement 2000-2003.pdf1.7M
 Ontario Consumer Protection Act - Jurisdiction.pdf471K
 Ontario Consumer Protection Act - Ontario Legislature and Committee Debates.pdf 96K
 Ontario Consumer Protection Act 2002 January 1, 2011.pdf1.0M
 Petition on Nortel Disabled and Enforcement of OCPA.pdf 46K
 Petition to Legislative Assembly of Ontario on Nortel Disabled and Ontario Consumer Protection Act.pdf 45K
 Report on Evidence of Quebec Law Breaches Under Jurisdiction of the AMF.pdf524K
 Report on Misrepresentation Evidence.pdf510K
 Report on Misrepresentations - Most Important Evidence.pdf1.1M
 Sun Life New Wording for Plan Member Booklets.pdf 51K
 T4 96 & T4A's 2003 & 2004.pdf545K