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 S 1. Securities Crime Unit Proposal May 26, 2009.pdf155K
 S 3. Presentation to Ontario Government Agencies March 29, 2010.pdf5.8M
 S 4. Presentation to Federal Justice Committee Nov. 23, 2009.pdf883K
 S 5. Presentation to Ontario Government Agencies Committee Feb. 23, 2009.pdf 97K
 S 6. McMaster World Congress Economic Crime - Cannot Afford Third World Enforcement Jan. 16, 2009.pdf1.3M
 S 7. Submission to Expert Panel on Securities Regulation June 12, 2008.pdf2.2M
 S 8. Presentation Federal Ministry of Public Safety - Investment Regulation and Policing March 11, 2008.pdf2.0M
 S 9. Presentation to Ontario Finance Committee Aug. 18, 2004.pdf1.1M
 S 10. Presentation to Wise Persons Committee Sept. 20, 2003.pdf 49K
 Securities Crime Unit Video.mov141M